blogging conference memory backup

February 14, 2006

podcasting session;

link pics to Flikr and audiofiles MP3 on shaw or other server.

feedburner to enclose it ??

audacity to download and edit mp3’s

Issues of codec compatibility

.mov, .wmv .avi QT

upload video to

I wouldn’t have coffee with this guy why am I listening to him?

YouTube converts video for you to Flash -Flash deadend out out of the ipod loop.

Revver transcodes video to .mov and after people view the movie they are taken to a paid ad and paypal sends you some pennies blogging video hosting connect with Flikr account.Stays in format you upload it in – if it is .mov itunes won’t see it if .wmv>RSS??

This guy likes it will upload and transcode any format for RSS entry – MP4 and Flash.

150 Meg restriction

Uses H246 compression – buy QT player pro $30 and it will output your video in H246 compression which works for podcasting??

Video coming to Flikr which will be the main server place.

Community Building with Blogs

Nice session, circle seating, very little chat by facilitators.

Patterns of communities and how they are supported and enabled by blogs

aggregate blogs

links between blogs and the communities that emerge

linking with different communities, crossing lots of cultures both ethnic, background, age group etc.

making connections with people through blogs and meeting in person is good. (better than just meeting?? apparently some people have such good memories that they remember all about the person from reading their blog when they meet them)

Making links with people all over.”Writing yourself into existence”

Blogs build up networks of people in same geographical commonality, also other commonalities like hobbies and interests.

Shift from facades, creating identities to the up close and personal nature of blogging.

To keep from being overwhelmed people have a small community of bloggers they keep up with or go into the future with – through RSS feeds- and then the core group is extended through RSS.

Some people found the extended community more rewarding.

Kevin Marks Technorati

friendships, personal and business communities

process of invitation an important part – invite yourself and getting invited.

The RSS feed is invisible – the topic is the only connection not the person.

Someone from Edmonton has a blog called Web 2.0 Central and he likes bridging the online community to the live community.

Community is different than interlinking blogs, seek to understand the person on the other side of the blog.

Powerful part is access to individual experts and access to future thoughts of people by adding their blog to your RSS feed (don’t have to search)

…Conversation amplifier – “I have a blog shall I give you the url blah blah, conversation stifler”

Adding blogs to forum based community – richness of blogs add to the community experience – voice of the person through the blog.

More contained experience, very brief encounters, ephemeral, micro communities.

Phillip Jeffries

Why tagging works for me

Delicious, siteulike, flikr


bookmarks online

social networking – tag something and see if someone else is conneted to one’s behaviour in space.

go to other people’s paths on internet

tag – library – blog – website

tools within delicious

library, tag, personal information space

mirrored how he uses blogs, blogging finding papers, memory tool to help himself, rather than a social space.

Tag Rank

Tagging Space – as a memory extender, using easy to use key words, DIGITAL EXTERNAL ONLINE MIND

Flikr – tag your photos, Technorati – tag your blogs

Technorati RSS feed brings people to your site.

Bloglines RSS feeing

1/2 of all blogs are tagged blogs and increasing.

Richard Sones – ex Wavemaker audio expert (Philip Djwa recommends)

Potential help with wordpress

Finding your blog’s unique voice.




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