Pasting a Word Document that has lots of info

February 14, 2006

I’m too sexy for my blog

76,000 blogs a day

Blogger and moveable type need to code to change colour and insert logo

Online publishing for everyone

But do we have to look the same as everyone that does it.

Use standard template and tweak a bit. A major thing?

Customizing look of blog will have a great payoff but most difficult part of the creative process in blogging.

Branding reputation, identity, tone, credibility, personality,

Content functionality design

Nice presentation – mostly images on the powerpoint – not words or designer words.

Look at blogs and see which designs work for you. Take notice of designs that work etc.

Jason kottke blog

Darrenbarefoort .com

Good content over bad design anyday

Robert scoble

Blogs – anti design – sick of being marketed too – part of the movement of blogging

When it looks to business/casual etc.

Writing for the web

Chunkify your content

Use bulletins

Lots of readers of sites are never going to look at your design – getting your content from RSS sites like Dan Gilmore??

The container that you post to everyday is the same everyday – consistency with how the thing works although content changes.

Same set of elements in every blog

Comments, RSS feed, header log, dates posts

Can customize


T4xt quotes titles links columns headers dividers search grahics photos background images comments trackbacks

Defined areas where you can be creative

Change colour palette

Change templates in blogger with same content

Standard templates

Design priority

Clarity for your audience – readable, navigation, archives need to be accessable layout

Where to spend


(css used in all blogs so changes go throughout)

Colour schemer online resource hexagdecimal code

Graphics and logos

Put a header on top of your template

Can be a standalone object that sits on top of page – will stay consistent throughout all the pages of your blog – title icon etc.

Header image

Does the header go into the template through html??

Plug it into the top of your blog template?

Generate a jpeg or a gif – and get someone to code it into the template for you.

Show things can do in templates

WordPress presentation design

More options with wordpress

Standard themplate can customize header through interface on some themes

WordPress has larger community developing tools for it and themes etc/

Type Pad can change layout design through the interface

Customization of all post items body footer etc.

Music 2.0 Coliin Brumelle

Next generation of music

tech transforming the music industry as it has in the past with phonographs etc 1878

not quite an ipod nano – Thomas Edison very radical concept of recording “annihilate time and space”

3 factors

Costs of producing music falling

Cheap to distribute music

Explosion of content

Need new ways of discovering content that you like

Helping listeners find new music

Pandora trying that – awesome

Hired hundreds of musicologists and analyzed on musicology terms and make recommendations based on this – enter an artist that you like and match to other similar artists – have tried it

The meters – new Orleans funk band.

Mines social data –

Download plugin attached to itunes and it tracks every bit of music you listen to and makes recommendation based on that.

MP3 blogs

Fluxblog, tofuhut, soul sides, music for Robots

Serious music geeks, mavens find rare music and hunt the internet

Some illegal music.

MP3 blogs catering to each niche or genre

Lots of them

Infamous for their rating scheme but a large following impact on selling music

How do get this music onto your ipod


pay services

to download – itunes

monthly fee – rhapsody

The long tail and digital distribution

New economic models

Long tail – when inventory  storage and distribution is cheap you can sell less popular items – record store would carry 40,000 items, but itunes has infinite shelfspace – long tail. Entering a world of abundance better for us, and a larger market for music that is not only hit drive.

Emergence of a musician middle class.


Record companies form a brand around artists.

Effects of technology on music production

Death of the album, song packaging etc

No reason to bundle the songs – perhaps release a track a month etc.

What’s going to happen to copyright?

Gettingstartedwithblogging at Northern Voice – looks like its good.

Finding your voice

Security by obscurity doesn’t work

RSS people can subscribe to it

Contains updates from all blogs

Way for people to subscribe to your blog.

When you set up your blog you can choose whether to publish an RSS feed, on by default or off by default ???

Technorati search engine for blogs

Blog software produces the RSS feed automatically. Link to stuff on your blog from your website to get the RSS benefits – which is about the latest stuff. – actually visaversa – link from website to blog.

Bloglines – to review blogs

How to add users to wordpress….

Matt demo’ed

Multiuserwordpress new non profit site

Geek Out session

Robert Scobie – published a book on blogs in business

Kevin Marks – technorati

Nice guy from Bryght

Rain City studios

Adding data to your lbo9gn rss feeds

Tags and technorati – Jan 2005 started

Index key words

Add microcontent to the html in your feed so that


Blog finder in technorati you can edit yourself – can change your tags to clarify tht you are writing abou

Do your tagging for blog finder

Explore the blogoshpere – pick out common categories

Category = tag

Subtle diff between category and tag

Tag – words that belong to this post, category can be subdivided are categories.

Social software at its newest

Creating a calendar from events on your boog blogspot????

Extracting info on the fly

Trend adding extra meaning to your html through tags events names and addresse, standardizing on common markup to share meaning.

INegrating calendars music lists etc common, browser integration, adding richer things

Get the extra info out in other ways – firefox scripts, flock also making this info available.

What are the common things people are trying to express.

Let you make your links in your blogpost.

Icalender – standardized output – standard of how calendars look.

Xml is inside the html. Add a little bit of markup only

Firefox extensions

Delicious dragged him back into firefox.

Weblog stuff – howtoshare itfaster

Delicious / scolelizer

Firefox has a delicious extension so can add more info about their delicious tags

What other firefox extensions.

JustBlogIt- throws your stuff to your blog that you find on the web – right click it

Research blog

Greasemonkey –

Cocomment – tracks your comment history and other people’s responses to your comments.

TagRank-where anyone else has tagged in delicious the page I am viewing

IETab- lets you run an instance of IE in firefox.

Extension developer –

PDFdownload view – open in a new tab or open as HTML – lest ti

Sessionsaver – saves  all your tabs as a grouping, open them all at once

Webdeveloper – to figure out templates or Firebug

Download status bar

Page Rank status bar ??

Platypus – rewrite pages

Signature – right click – in for blogging – insert writing into blog??

Will Pate sweet guy



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